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Appointment Engine

Appointment scheduling for both patients and physicians to request appointments.

Virtual Call

Easy access to virtual care and group calling built-in feature for secure communication.

Patient Learning

Improve health outcomes by providing education and patient resources.  Ensure in-house staff compliance through completion of trainings.

Taking care of your health

  • Built-in learning module can help improve the patient outcomes.

  • Easily assign training to patient.

  • Track progress and help patient educate about the illness and treatment plan effectively.

  • Use to keep staff abreast of new health care requirements through learning.

  • Ease of appointment scheduling.

  • Use Internet browser or mobile phone to access portal.

  • Option to book, change and cancel the appointment.

  • Receive confirmation of requested appointment and automated reminder service through various modes.

  • Seamlessly works with physical appointment booking.

  • Track all appointments and patient notes for reference.

Hospitals &
  • Extremely customizable calendar as per physician’s preference.

  • All appointments are approved by doctor or secretary prior to sending the   confirmation to the patient.

  • Easily switch from virtual to physical appoint with one-click.

  • Secure and integrated virtual call tool.

  • Option for doctor to assign learning resources for better health management.

  • Health-card validation functionality.

  • Track history and trends.

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